Several years ago, when I was Dean of the Arts Faculty at Nottingham, I was asked to write a regular blog, which I called Arts Matters. I tried to cover most of the subject areas taught and researched in the faculty and not just focus on philosophy. After serving my time, I stood down from management and from the blog, maintaining a relative silence since. I had enjoyed writing my weekly musings but needed to focus on other things.

Now my blog is back; and this time it’s personal!

I have just completed a couple of lengthy projects to which I had dedicated all my writing energies. With a new sense of freedom, I’d like to return to some short-form writing. It’s likely that my posts will mainly concern philosophy; though in a very wide sense, not just the narrow academic one. And I will also be writing in a purely personal capacity this time. I am not representing my faculty or employer. When I read books and watch films, I always prefer the first half to the second. Conclusions are sometimes disappointing. I like the many possibilities that can spring to mind early in a story before the decisions of the writers start to rule most of them out. I have no idea exactly where this blog will go but I am very happy and excited by that right now.

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